How to buy a home

How to buy a home

Buying a home has never been so accessible as it is now, with LinkedIn and real estate platforms online. Getting in touch with an agent or seller has never been so easy. However, sometimes taking the path of least resistance isn’t always the right one.

When you are shopping online for a home, it should be for research. It’s the agent’s job to market the property and make sure that the best angles of the property are shown. You should be researching about the property market for properties that are within your budget.

When you have found a home within your budget, get your lawyer / conveyancer to go over the contract and negotiate the additional / extras you want. When it comes time to sign the contract, forward it as soon as you can to your mortgage broker so that they can organize finance for the property.

You may have to negotiate a longer settlement period as the standard period is 21 days but may be extended to 42 days to allow the banks to catch up and get themselves organized.

You may have to organize a valuation on the property before the banks agree to finance. The seller has likely gotten their property valued recently but the banks may not accept that.

Once the contract has been settled and your property has been registered in your name you are now the owner of a new home. The process is scary and daunting at first but you will get used to the process as you become a successful property owner.