Want to work with us?

We are looking for conscientious writers who have a background in real estate, finance and business administration who have a knack for writing and a passion for educating the public. If this sounds like you than you are in the right place.

Benefits of working with Blue Gum Publishing

At blue gum, we offer extremely competitive rates for original content within the real estate, finance and business start up categories. Note, you must not share or reproduce the content which you provide to us to other sites, as that is plagiarism because we’d remain the intellectual owners of the article.

In addition to competitive rates, you will also get your own complementary mention on our authors page which can include a do-follow link to your website along with your contact details.

What do our ideal writers look like?

Our ideal writers possess a great gift with words and are available to produce refreshing content which is well optimized on a regular basis. Our ideal writers are self-starters and constantly provide us with fresh articles off the press to keep this site going. Our writers should not reproduce content which they have provided to us but are welcome to share the permalink and market their article and credit for producing it.

Guidelines for having an article published on our site

To have an article published on our site it should have at least:

  • At least one licensed graphic to be included in the document;
  • You would have more than 2000 connections on LinkedIn;
  • A clear understandable heading and sub-headings;
  • Be at least 800 words long;
  • Have no more than one link and have appropriate anchor text;
  • Have no grammatical errors and have a natural flow when read;
  • Must pass a siteliner test with less than 2% plagiarism score.

These high standards are maintained to ensure that our readers enjoy visiting Blue Gum. You can submit your articles by sending us an introductory email. We will reply if we are interested.