Real Estate, Personal Finance and Start Ups

Real Estate, Personal Finance and Start Ups

Not all blogs are the same, we like to set ourselves apart from the others

Blue Gum is proud to be the versatile tool, the Swiss army knife or ‘the hub’ of information which you crave to educate yourself.

We are proud to provide you with a frequent, factual and non-sales-y discussion as often as possible.

We are going to bring you the material facts and not the marketing / entrepreneurial fluff which has plagued it’s way across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Real Estate or Finance discussions.

Real Estate, Personal Finance and Start Ups

Our online blog is named after the Blue Gum Tree which has over 300 variants and kinds.

This blog is proud to share it’s name with an Australian icon, the blue gum tree which is synonymous with the blue mountains (which it gets it’s name).

Blue Gum Publishing (c) extends it’s condolences and sympathies with the victims of the 2019 Bush fires which have taken the lives of our fellow countrymen and country women, devastated many communities and taken away the life’s work of too many families.

why do we write about Property, Personal Finance and Start Ups?

At first glance these niches appear to be several kilometers apart. From our perspective these three topics are linked to creating wealth or freedom and that’s what is on Australia’s mind in 2020.

By writing about these three topics, many Australian’s will hopefully have learned something new or may be interested in sharing what we have to say with their friends and family.

There are many opportunities in Australia to secure financial freedom. It’s a matter of information and application through hard work over time.

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